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Our business was created 15 years ago by Scott Spaulding with the idea we could make a difference in the furniture delivery business in South Florida. From our original location in Boca Raton to our current facility in Pompano Beach, we have been successful in growing this idea into a service not just in Florida, but the entire East Coast. From Miami to Boston, New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago and east coast cities.  Our clients and designers have come to depend on our reliable, affordable, and professional delivery services.

What once started with one truck has grown to three trucks that service South Florida on a daily basis, the state of Florida on a weekly basis and I-95/75 between New York & Florida each month. When you explore you will find that although we are based in Florida we can offer designers, furniture stores, manufacturers, distributors and their customers a seamless one stop delivery service to get their goods from the warehouse, factory or store to their door.

Once inside the home has a staff that will impress you with their knowledge and experience with fine furniture. We don't just deliver! We install and will hang that picture or mirror for you. Designers, your customers will love us!

If you are considering a service to come into your home with your customer's next "perfect piece" then look no further for a friendly, family owned and operated Scott & Ray Spaulding at offers a fantastic approach to the long distance option for "precious cargo". Our long distance business is DeRamus Antique Services that was founded over 20 years ago by Jay DeRamus in Palm Beach, Florida. Jay built his business serving the Palm Beaches to the Hamptons market. Along the way Jay attracted the attention of every antique dealer and designer on the East Coast. When Scott Spaulding purchased the company in 2005 Jay maintained a packing & crating service second to none that has now moved in house at

Packing and shipping grew into our service of receiving weekly containers from South America and China. has shipped outbound containers to Colombia the Bahamas and ships regularly to London.

Please explore our website with confidence knowing that whether your latest purchase came from Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, Freeman's in Philadelphia, Christies in New York, Skinners in Boston or one of the hundreds of Great Stores we service, you will be pleased with the results.

Thanks for exploring and please take a tour of our world at